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IvyQ and the Negative Side of Sex-Positivity by Cassandra Hough

While Sex Week at Yale (SWAY) and its counter-part, True Love Week, received national media attention this past February from the O’Reilly Factor, US News , USA Today , and NBC, another Ivy League multi-day event on sexuality slipped by … Continue reading »

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"Why Young Persons Would Wait Forevermore" by Catherine Palmer

Most women still want to be princesses, and most men still seek to win a woman’s heart. Hefner and Sanger diminished the person to the mere sum of parts, yet we know that men and women are remarkable and multifarious, fantastic and so much more. There is still magic in the differences of the sexes—and what a joy it is to encounter them! Indeed, our world contains the possibility of being radically altered by this ‘other,’ who, through the eyes of love, suddenly becomes much larger than we saw before.

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