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Patrick Fagen, Ph.D.


Patrick F. Fagan is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Research on Marriage and Religion at the Family Research Council, where he examines the relationships among family, marriage, religion, community, and America’s social problems as illustrated in the social sciences research data. The Center has a particular emphasis on the relationship between marital stability coupled with the practice of religion and their joint impacts on such issues as happiness, health, mental health and general well being, income and savings, educational attainment and family stability as well as such negative outcomes as poverty, crime, abuse, and drug addiction.

A native of Ireland, Fagan earned his Bachelor of Social Science degree with a double major in sociology and social administration, as well as a professional graduate degree in psychology, and Ph.D. in social policy from University College Dublin. Dr. Fagan has practiced in clinical psychology and has extensive experience in the public policy arena, having worked on family issues at the Free Congress Foundation and then as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Family and Community Policy at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Before his position at the Family Research Council, Dr. Fagan was a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation for thirteen years.


  • This website provides links to Dr. Fagan’s papers, commentaries, and primary research.

Topics of Expertise

  • The impact of religious practice on social stability
  • The impact of marriage and divorce on children
  • Marriage as the safest place for women and children
  • How strengthening marriage would reduce child poverty
  • Marriage and welfare reform
  • Restoring a culture of marriage
  • How broken families rob children of their chances for future prosperity

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