Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

National Conference Sponsorships


This is a critical time to equip the next generation of leaders to defend marriage and advocate for sexual integrity within their university communities and beyond. But we can’t do that without the generosity of our friends and supporters. This year we are asking our friends to please consider sponsoring the Love and Fidelity Network’s annual conference Sexuality, Integrity, and the University through one of the following sponsorship levels. For conference details click here. For questions regarding sponsorship opportunities email Brittany Crippen at

Become a 2016 Sexuality, Integrity, and the University Conference Sponsor

  • $350 Student Sponsorship
    A student sponsorship covers the cost of one student’s attendance, lodging, and meals during the conference.
  • $1,000 Group Sponsorship
    A group sponsorship enables us to bring a team of leaders from one of LFN’s member groups to our conference, providing them with meals and lodging as well as assistance with transportation.
  • $2,500 Keynote Sponsorship
    A gift of $2,500 provides funding for the cost of inviting a renowned expert to equip students with the intellectual resources and arguments to bring to conversations on their own campuses.
  • $5,000 Leadership Sponsorship
    A gift of $5,000 enables us to bring in two renowned experts, significantly contributing to our ability to train students in the arguments they need to defend marriage, family, and sexual integrity on campus
  • $10,000 Network Sponsorship
    A gift of $10,000 contributes to our ability to host this annual conference, bringing together the leaders from across our Network and serving as the centerpiece of the movement for sexual integrity on campus.

Contributions can be made by check to the Collegiate Cultural Foundation and mailed to The Love and Fidelity Network at 16 Stockton St., Princeton, New Jersey 08540 or online through our secure portal.

The students in our Network are tremendously grateful for your support. Here is what a few students said last year to the generous donors whose gifts made the conference possible:

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Testimonials from last year’s conference: 

SIU 2015 gave me incredible resources and words to help articulate my arguments. I now have an amazing wealth of resources at my disposal that express and support my points in a more eloquent way than I could achieve on my own. Alejandra Aguilar, Stanford University

The National Conference empowered me to shape the conversation around marriage, family, and sexual integrity on my campus by introducing me to the thoughts and experiences of fellow students from across the country. Having their moral support as we engage in this sometimes unpopular campaign is an incredibly strong motivator and their friendship makes this experience all the more valuable. Bryan Poellot, Harvard University

The most important thing I will take away is that I am not alone with these values, and that I am definitely not crazy for believing in the importance of marriage and faithful relationships. The clear and evidence-based talks of the speakers and the support of fellow students who attended was unbelievable encouraging.
Elizabeth Yeh, Brown University

SIU gave me a new knowledge set on many pressing issues related to marriage, family, and sexual integrity. It also gave me the courage to reach out to other college students and engage them in discussion on these issues.
James Martinson, Villanova University

There is a growing movement of people who are willing to stand for the values that are the bedrock of society. It’s inspiring to meet and socialize with those who are on the front lines in standing up for their beliefs.
Nathan Leonhardt, Brigham Young University

I was able to make some interesting connections over the weekend that I would not have been able to make simply reading about the issues at home. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know that there are so many inspired young adults out there willing to conserve the very essence of our being, the family. Rebecca Mortensen, Northeastern University

The conference provided my chapter of Love and Fidelity with great ideas and resources for strengthening our voice on campus that we are excited to implement!
Clare McMillan, Grand Valley State University

SIU 2015 gave me the ideas and connections – friends! that will keep me inspired to incite positive conversations on the family.
Pablo Piedad, University of the Philippines

What struck me the most was that the speakers were not only so articulate and intelligent, but that they also stood as exemplary models of strong, rich marriages. Through their personal stories, which ranged from touching to hilarious, and through their confident, natural, and joyful expressions, they made the beautiful vision of marriage more of a reality to me.
Sophia Buono, University of Notre Dame






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